Reality and Mortality

Reality and Mortality

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Going Home

This week and last week went so quickly and really didn't felt the time spending too much. I worked really hard on the couple of days in tackling the Visual Studio and SQL databases plus the reading and writing for excel files using Interop class in .Net Framework. It was really awesome when coding with two machines and it is the best part I am having here. I have the desktop and I most of the time use the desktop to code office work and basically I use it for the purposes of getting information and running searches in the databases. In this case I had some rough time in the coding when I had to learn the new classes in C# which is not familiar to me. At the early stages of the development process in the work place I was able to get hold on to MVC patterns in the ASP.NET and it was really easy to manipulate the classes in order to gather information from a user and all the validations are done for us in the coding. But it is a sort of blind attempt and unlike Java coding is quite easy and we don't need to create security and think about it. But I learned that by uplifting the ASP.NET projects it can be developed to the state of an advanced Java project with higher security and  I learned that there are various stages of development in that process.

In addition to that I was able to hold on to the C# applications and I developed the first application with the MVC usage. I learned the concept and really enjoyed in applying OOP techniques to the project and it was really cool when I learned the usage of objects was more than the limits I ever imagined. It is the holy grail of the software development. I found it awesome... It was really cool. And today is the last day of two week scheduled work and today evening I think of going home. Still working on that and I am managing the things the best way I could. I came to the office at 7.45 and I had the breakfast from the boarding place and had an amazing start to the day. I am now at the office and it is 8.35 am. I started the day with the study of debugging and all the stuff related to error handling using the C# book that I bought last year. C# is awesome because it is well developed tool. I am enjoying coding in C#. I still like java because it is all about hard coding in java and I still love that. I miss Java and my mom, dad , bro + the kitty. I am going home...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I had my first official job today and I started reading some documentation and I was given to understand the system and study the functionality of the system. In this case the office management decided to provide me a user account in the system and I was asked to analyze the details until the server will create a user for me. I am analyzing the system and now I am waiting for the orders....

Official Work Start

Yesterday was a holiday like day. Because we had our shift ended at 11.30 am and  I went for transport and spend some time with myself on cleaning stuff and arranging items at the boarding place. I spend some time on cute programming basics and had some idea about C++ programming. I expect to move on cute programming for this week and from the next week I am going to start my schedule that I have been planning to put into action every week so that I can cover the areas of learning in a well planed way.
I am in the office on my table waiting to meet the boss in order to start the project officially. Today my work will be based on ERD, Use-case Diagrams and more about BA; business analysis. I am going to switch on to visual studio...