Reality and Mortality

Reality and Mortality

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gotta catch music again...

I couldn't blog for a little while...I was away from the internet because I happened to catch works when I was busy with the end semester exam. Anyway I had a great vacation at home and spent time with some friends. It was really cool and finally again ended up at faculty for the 2nd semester. Oh! dear lord again studies...Still catching up some time with friends cuz schedules are not so busy right now!.

Now we are working on some music program in the faculty. This is my second music involvement in the faculty and 3rd involvement all time. I am still learning a lot of things. This is really great when we start to work together and gather ideas from most of the music specialists. I am really learning things. Beside studies I think someone should do these things to get themselves happy and obtaining a chance to move with people and gather information.

We have a lot of things to be done. That I am doing right now!. I gotta write a drama script tonight itself!. That gonna be my 2nd official script. One already worked out and it came out as "Sayana Bandana", short movie produced by Miuru Rupasinghe and on camera Thejan Niroshan Ariyarathna. Second big thing is coming. I am working on it. .... I gotta go for the short film festival...Catch this later....