Reality and Mortality

Reality and Mortality

Thursday, February 23, 2012


unplugged my heart
it was so close to melt
i gathered all memories
besides the pain i got

for the bleeding heart i seek a pain killer
in my old stuff i find
torn paper of  romance
carried me to the memories
a few miles back
drowned in pain again and i tried walk away...
 drowned in the pain again i tried to walk away...

i gathered my memories besides
the pain!!!!!!
memories.... pain!!!!
walk away.... (just walk away)
sleeping under six foot insane!!!

Exam postponed....

The mid-semester exam was the first exam that I faced in the university which is relevant to engineering. But after facing two subjects....Suddenly a strike of the non-academic staff came into action. So we happened to come home leaving the university.... WE are still in front of two more exams...on mechanical and civil engineering.... I hope I can be re-united with ma friends quickly in the university....