Reality and Mortality

Reality and Mortality

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I am in pain...

Life is just like a movie, I think. Because many things happening around seem to be familiar and virtual.
I am spending a very complicated life and I am thinking about a way out....I want to be free. I always imagined and dreamed the beautiful dreamy worlds we find in movies. One special thing is that in those dreamy worlds we never cry and we never die. We live in them forever and I sometimes enjoy the dream life than the real life. In these imaginary worlds we are heroes and we create every scene and everything happens in accordance with our wish. I have created many dream worlds...and I have managed to keep them alive and interesting even though they are aged old ones.

One is the music world and I may be Curt Kobain or Daron Malakiyan in the dreams. I like dreaming and enjoy the time like a real performer and I want to be such an entertainer,and I guess I am really not. But I still live in those dreams for minutes or may be for hours... I really enjoy dreaming....I am blogging in this lonely night...